The PPG Pittsburgh Paints® brand: Always Working for You

Government facilities are high profile public locations, and are constantly exposed to heavy use, foot traffic, and continuous wear and tear, requiring regularly scheduled maintenance. Many locations also have limited maintenance funding, and need the right solutions to keep their facility in good shape for longer periods of time, especially in the case of older, iconic community buildings needing special care. To keep these buildings updated and with minimal disruption to the many visitors and employees that pass through the doors, facility managers need a paint partner that understands their needs and provides the right paint for their maintenance projects.

How We Work For You

The PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand understands the issues faced by government facility managers and is committed to finding the right solutions to these challenges. Backed by the power of PPG Industries and sold exclusively at independent, locally-owned paint retailers, PPG Pittsburgh Paints meets the needs of all customer segments – from residential repaint to commercial applications – with in-depth product knowledge, leading tools and support, expert service and a robust product offering.


Our Color Program

PPG Pittsburgh Paints also offers the industry-leading PPG The Voice of Color® program with exciting new color palettes and innovative tools to make color selection easier than ever before. Multi-family trend fan decks, electronic and printed rendering services, large samples for design boards, and color research by customer demographics and geography are only part of what the PPG The Voice of Color program has to offer – all designed to help you and your customers choose the right color for every project.