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Discover the industry-leading tools, support and quality products the PPG Pittsburgh Paints® brand has to offer for your next painting job.

Commercial: Facility

Commercial properties present many paint maintenance challenges. Let us find the right solutions for your needs.

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Commercial: Education

No surface in an educational facility is safe from wear and tear, abrasion and frequent cleanings. PPG Pittsburgh Paints can help.

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Commercial: Hospitality

Let PPG Pittsburgh Paints help you keep your hospitality facility in top shape to ensure your guests are loyal, repeat customers.

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Commercial: Healthcare

PPG Pittsburgh Paints can help tackle the unique maintenance challenges for healthcare facilities that are in constant use.

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Commercial: Government

Keep government facilities looking their best with the long-lasting protection only PPG Pittsburgh Paints can provide.

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Residential Repaint

Choose PPG Pittsburgh Paints to keep your homeowner customers happy with great products and services for every residential application.

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Regular multi-family property maintenance is the key to tenant satisfaction and high rates of occupancy. PPG Pittsburgh Paints can help you with solutions.

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New Home

PPG Pittsburgh Paints and the independent retailers that carry our products have the expertise and support to help you satisfy customers and attract buyers.

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Are you an interior designer looking for resources?

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