Kilstain® WB Interior/Exterior Acrylic Latex Primer

Kilstain® WB all-purpose interior/exterior latex primer is of an exceptional-quality. It is excellent for sealing many types of stains, including water, lipstick, smoke, inks and more. It also resists nail head and tannin staining, and is ideal for use on a variety of surfaces.

Product Features

  • Seals many types of stains
  • Excellent coverage, hide and adhesion
  • MPI® Approved Product: Categories 17, 39 and 137
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  • Surfaces
  • Technical Info & Sizes
    • Drywall
    • Wood
    • Masonry
    • Galvanized Metals
    • Aluminum
    • Previously Painted Metal
  • Code Finish Base Size TDS MSDS
    DRP51801 Primer/Sealer White Qts, 1s, 5s EN EN-US  EN-CA
    ES-MX  FR-CA
    DRP51802 Primer/Sealer Gray Qts, 1s EN EN-US  EN-CA
    ES-MX  FR-CA