High-Hiding Interior Acrylic Latex Primer

High-Hiding Interior Latex Primer is a high-quality interior latex primer and sealer with excellent hide and good sealing and enamel holdout qualities. It is ideal for use on drywall, skim coated drywall, acoustic ceiling tiles, popcorn ceiling, concrete block and brick. It may be sanded or recoated in two hours.

Product Features

  • Great sealing
  • Easy brushing
  • Can be sanded and recoated in two hours
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  • Surfaces
  • Technical Info & Sizes
    • Drywall
    • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
    • Popcorn Ceilings
    • Concrete Block
    • Brick
  • Code Finish Base Size TDS MSDS
    DR-50801 Primer/Sealer White 1s, 5s EN EN-US  EN-CA
    ES-MX  FR-CA