About PPG Pittsburgh Paints®

Over 100 Years of Paint & Stain Experience

About PPG Porter Paints®

PPG Pittsburgh Paints draws on the resources of PPG as a global coatings leader to bring you technological innovations in our wide array of products. As a brand, confidence, and trust has been earned over time. PPG Pittsburgh Paints has been a part of the PPG family for more than 100 years and we continue to be the preferred choice of professional painters and homeowners today.

We believe in quality and performance. Our premium paints deliver durable, washable, fade-resistant finishes that go on with the PPG Pittsburgh Paints touch. Our color tools are designed to help make choosing color easy, appealing to your individual personality and senses. The Voice of Color® program helps identify palettes just for you – and not just for paint, but for furniture, flooring, drapes, brick, shutters, etc. The people behind the paints are knowledgeable, trained professionals who care about our customers. We believe that every job matters and welcome the chance to prove it to you.

PPG’s Global Reach

From the paint on your house to the finish on your car, PPG is there to lead the way. The surfaces we coat, and the extent to which we coat them, may surprise you. Our relentless commitment to the sharing of technological advancements from all of the industries we service fosters continuous improvement of all PPG brands. Did you know:

  • ⅔ of all new jetliners in the world use PPG coatings.
  • 70% of all cars are protected by PPG products.
  • PPG is the #1 supplier of coatings for appliances and other durable goods.
  • PPG coatings line and decorate many of your food and beverage containers.
  • PPG is a leading global supplier of coatings for the marine, oil, and gas and power industries.
  • PPG Paints protect countless homes, buildings, manufacturing facilities, schools, offices, hospitals, and stadiums around the world.

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