About PPG Pittsburgh Paints®

Over 300 Combined Years of Expertise

About PPG Pittsburgh Paints®

PPG Pittsburgh Paints is committed to standing with you. With over 300 combined years of tradition, expertise and knowledge, we are committed to providing homeowners with the highest quality products and services, including the industry-leading PPG The Voice of Color® program. Our products are available only at independent, locally-owned paint retailers because great paint deserves great service and expertise. We value these communities and are proud to have our paint bought by neighbors from their neighbors.
Backed by PPG Industries, the world's leading coatings company, the PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand is Always Working for You.

PPG’s Global Reach

From the paint on your house to the finish on your car, PPG is committed to the sharing of technological advancements from all of the industries we service and to fostering the continuous improvement of all PPG brands. The surfaces we coat - and the extend to which we coat them - may surprise you.

  • PPG paints protect countless homes, manufacturing facilities, offices, hospitals and stadiums around the world
  • 70% of all cars are protected by PPG products
  • 2/3 of all new jetliners in the world use PPG coatings
  • PPG is the #1 supplier of coatings for appliances and other durable goods
  • PPG coatings line and decorate many of your food and beverage containers
  • PPG is a leading global supplier of coatings for the marine, oil, and gas and power industries.

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